Differences in Hospital Literature Information

Hospitals across the UK have different figures on complication rates. A quick look at hospital patient leaflets shows the following:

Empty Hospital Bed

Liverpool Hopsitals NHS Trust says there is a 10% failure rate

Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust 2%

Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust  5%

Basildon and Thurrock  3%

Central Manchester University Hospital 1%

Hinchingbrooke NHS Trust 1%

MHRA (Medical Health Regulatory Authority)  1-3%

Netherlands study says 40%

However, what constitutes failure? That there has been erosion? It hasn’t worked?

There needs to be a mandatory reporting system on a National Register, as there already is for eg hip replacements, to be able to calculate correct figures on the risks of this operation.


A spokesman at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital at King’s Lynn say they: “Rarely do this op anymore, only when essential.”


At the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital the patient information leaflet directs women to two support groups – Meshies United and Meshed Up Network – so that they understand the risks of the TVT procedure.

A spokesman for the  Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital said: “When we drafted our leaflet there were a lot of stories in the media about this procedure and we wanted to make sure our patients were well informed before they had their operations.
“The urogynae team wanted to give all women the opportunity to consider all possible impacts operations such as this can have, no matter how rare they are.”

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