Report TVT mesh problems


If you have problems with a TVT mesh operation please report it to the Government’s watchdog group, the MHRA.

Dr Neil McGuire, of the MHRA, said patient safety was a team sport with complications reported by the medical profession, regulators and patients.

The biggest problem? Most women have never heard of it.


If you have suffered PLEASE report as only then will we get a true reflection of the scale of the problem.

At the moment the MHRA say there is a 1-3% complication rate but campaigners believe it is much higher.

If you want patient safety to be a team sport then follow the link below for the MHRA Yellow Card reporting system:


One thought on “Report TVT mesh problems

  1. I don’t think it is the mesh but the surgeon who puts it.
    I had mesh rectopexy by a surgeon in Bristol who claims that he found the solution to pelvic floor problems. I developed horrendous pain. He said the pain is caused by residual prolapse and did STARR – resected part of the rectum. That made the pain just unbearable and caused fecal incontinence. It also completely obstructed my rectum. I developed bowel obstruction. The same surgeon confessed then that the pain was caused by too much scarring internally from the mesh and nothing he can do and I would be lucky if I ever find a surgeon who would be able to do anything. He was right as most surgeons were laughing at me and advising me to go back to Bristol and have some more damage done. However I eventually found a surgeon who removed the scars from the mesh and gave me my life back. He put some slings that don’t bother me at all and help with pelvic floor function.


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