Views of surgeons


American surgeon Dr Schlomo Raz of Los Angeles said he had removed more than 1,000 TVT tapes following complications. He said it could cure up to 80% of women – but a worrying 20% remained permanently disabled. (g)


American surgeon, Donald Ostergard said in a paper for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 2010: “Non inert polypropylene degrades into potentially toxic compounds that would be expected to stimulate a greater inflammatory reaction leading to erosion.

“If the physician does not place the mesh below full-thickness vaginal epithelium, penetrates the epithelium during insertion, or if there is haematoma formation near the vaginal incision, then defective healing and erosion may result.”


In 2011 British surgeon Marcus Drake confirms that TVT chronic pain is a hidden disability. He is a consultant urological surgeon at Southmead Hospital, visiting Professor at the University of the West of England, senior lecturer at the University of Bristol and lead for research at the BUI.

(g) Dr Schlomo Raz’s quote comes from an email sent to the English Group Working Party set up to look into TVT mesh risks after the operation was suspended in Scotland in June 2014

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