Kathleen Parrish from Tongham, near Aldershot

Kathleen Parrish from Tongham, near Aldershot is supporting the campaign to have the TVT mesh operation suspended in England and for a national register of mesh failures to be set up.

Kathlen Parrish

Kathleen had a TVT inserted in 2003 and immediately had problems.

“I thought perhaps it had been put in too tight because I couldn’t go to the toilet and even now it is sometimes difficult and painful.

“Despite me saying I thought there were problems nothing was done.I had no idea that once this TVT mesh was put in it couldn’t be removed. They should be telling women that.

“About 14 months after my operation things took a turn for the worse as I kept getting water infections and I was given antibiotics.

“By 2010 I was getting intense groin pain which I have today and have trouble putting my foot to the ground, I also get lower back pain as well as pain down my leg and on the inside of my thighs. I’ve been told it is fibromyalgia or plymyalgia .”

These are often side effects of TVT.

“I’ve had an infection in my hip and had a catalogue of unexplained pain and trips to the doctor and hospital.

“If a surgeon cannot take the tape out if there are problems then they shouldn’t be putting it in.

“I have seen Sohier Elneil in London – but when it came to the last appointment I was in too much pain to struggle to get the train there, I knew I wouldn’t be able to step up onto the train and the journey would be too much. Plus it costs so much money to get there.

“Polypropylene is not fit to be in the body. I was led to believe this was some friendly sling support and when I found out it was a plastic material I couldn’t believe it. I want some answers.”

The two UK surgeons who can remove TVT tape are Sohier Elneil in London and Natalia Price in Oxford)

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