June Smith from March, Cambridgeshire

June SmithJune Smith had a TVT  operation in May 2012 and has since learnt that the mesh device she had was taken off the market a month later.

Her pain has been so bad that she has wished she wasn’t here any more.

She has even begged the mesh removal surgeon, who stepped in to try to fix her pain, to remove her bladder as she cannot cope with the daily nightmare of living with constant, searing urinary tract infections.

Mrs Smith said: “From the outset I wasn’t well. I kept feeling uncomfortable and having pain.

“I went back to the hospital in 2013 to have a check up, because I hurt so much, but the surgeon said everything was ok.”

“In October 2014 I found a piece of mesh floating in the bath and two weeks later I started getting e-coli infections,. The pain was  getting worse.”

“I went back to see my surgeon and had an operation  in January 2015 when I had a piece of the mesh removed.

“When I saw him for a follow up appointment he said I was healing ok, despite me saying I still hurt. He sent me for pain management.

“I got the impression that he thought my pain and discomfort was all in my head. He also told me the mesh could not be fully removed.

A few weeks later the e-coli infections came back. I was in so much pain, I wished I wasn’t here anymore. By now I was so poorly I became virtually housebound.

“My surgeon then referred me to Sohier Elneil in London. I went to see her privately and had part of the mesh removed in June 2015.

June said: “I want to get this operation stopped. I do not want any other women to go through the nightmare that I have gone through and still going through.

“Once you get mesh you are burdened with it for life regardless of if you get it removed or not – because they cannot get it all out, it embeds into your tissues so even after removal the problems do not go away. If I could turn back the clocks and not get it done I would.”

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