Women’s stories

Luce Brett of The Pool writes about how she became incontinent at the age of 30.

Fifteen true stories from the support group pages of Sling The Mesh Mesh one liners. Fifteen true stories

Katherine Larkin from Sandhurst, Berkshire, a mum of two,  had pneumonia three times in a year after having a TVT mesh fitted in November 2011. Read more

Regional sales manager Karen Sammon, from Malvern, Worcestershire,  suffered for eight years before anyone in the medical profession would believe it was her TVT mesh that was making her so ill. Read more

Mrs C, a mum of three and grandmother to two, is in a wheelchair and struggles to walk since having a TVT fitted in December 2013. Read more

Kathleen Parrish from Tongham, near Aldershot is supporting the campaign to have the TVT mesh operation suspended in England and for a national register of mesh failures to be set up. Read more

Ingrid Hardacre, a UK resident; 63-year woman, from Buckinghamshire reports her mesh injury journey. Read more

Anne Cook from Royston went for the TVT operation  in May 2012 after finding stress incontinence was beginning to impact on her life. Read more

June Smith, from March, Cambridgeshire, had a  mesh operation in May 2012 – the mesh she had was taken off the market in June 2012. Mrs Smith said: “From the outset I wasn’t well I kept feeling uncomfortable, and having pain. Read more

Mrs A from Louth says TVT op feels like a cruel experiment that has gone horribly wrong. Read more

Claire Cooper from Heathfield East, Sussex says pain was so bad that she wished suicide was an option. Read more

A 38 year old Mum from Watford knew there were problems within two weeks of having a TVT mesh sling fitted in September 2011. Read more

Dawn Martin from Portsmouth says – this is not living it is existing, nurse tells of excruciating pain since having the TVT op. Read more


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