Women in the media

Mama Mia magazine covers the mesh implant scandal. Australian mum Kim Bleiskecke tells how a mesh prolapse operation changed her life forever. “I was rotting from the inside,” she said. The scandal is global.

Zoe Beaty of The Pool magazine writes about the mesh implant scandal.
Zoe Beaty of The Pool magazine writes about the mesh implant scandal.

The Pool At just 36 seconds in Kath Sansom is already talking at 200 words per minute.

Zoe Beaty explains the issue with vaginal mesh implants and why campaigners are so passionate to stop other women suffering.

Take A Break tells how Kate Langley lost her childminding business and has had more than 50 hospital admissions after her vaginal mesh implant ruined her health.

Lincolnshire Live reports how a woman endures years of debilitating pain after vaginal mesh erodes and slices through her urethra.

Danny Pike radio show. Kate Langley talks about how mesh implants are changing women’s lives – and not for the better.

Norwich Evening News Lisa Woodrow was left in a wheelchair after a mesh implant operation.  She lost her successful business, her partner and her home and is now registered disabled and lives in a rented home on benefits.

I knew the minute I woke up from surgery that something was wrong,” says Dawn Martin, 55. “It felt like broken glass down there. I could barely empty my bladder. It was agony – and it didn’t stop.” The problem with mesh implants is reported in The Telegraph

Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy
Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy

Scottish campaigners Elaine Holmes and Olive McIlroy fight to get mesh implants banned. Olive said: “When mesh goes wrong it goes seriously wrong.

“There are women losing their bladders, losing their kidneys. They don’t have a life.

“The life they had is totally gone. They cannot walk, sit without pain.”

Scottish Mesh Survivors website
Scottish Mesh Survivors website

Read all of the news and latest developments in Scottish Parliament on the Scottish Mesh Survivors website.

Pregnancy and childbirth can cause prolapse and incontinence for 1 in 3 mums.
Pregnancy and childbirth can cause prolapse and incontinence for 1 in 3 mums.

From babies to barely able to walk.

The 20 minute operation given to thousands of women on the NHS that’s is changing lives – but not for the better. Sling The Mesh campaigner Kath Sansom talks about her experience of having a TVT operation.

Karen Griffiths spent months in a wheelchair after suffering agonising side-effects from incontinence surgery. She  is campaigning for the procedure to be banned.

Karen Grifiths
Karen Griffiths

“It has been horrendous. I wish every day that I had not had it done but women are still being offered this procedure and are not fully aware of the consequences,’ she said.

Read her story in the Daily Mail.

Lizzy Ford and Marion Garland
Lizzy Ford and Marion Garland

Lizzy and Marion urge women to never choose the mesh implant operation. Lizzy went from biker to mobility scooter. Marion can no longer go on hill walks she used to love.

Read their story in the Southern echo.

Don't forget to do your pelvic floor exercises
Don’t forget to do your pelvic floor exercises

As you gaze adoringly at your newborn baby and worry about nappy changing or sleepless nights don’t forget to do your pelvic floor exercises! They could help problems of incontinence or prolapse in the future.

Juno Magazine. 

Young mum Kimberley Vallis needed pain injections so she could walk down the aisle on her wedding day after a  mesh implant left her in excrutiating pain.

Kimberley Vallis
Kimberley Vallis

The teaching assistant said her decision to go for what she was told was the quick and easy solution almost destroyed her health.

Read her story in The Mirror.

A mesh implant was the worst decision I ever made, says nurse practitioner Dawn Martin.

Dawn Martin
Dawn Martin

‘I was panic-stricken. ‘The pain was just unbearable. I had a total inability to pass urine.

“I had to rock back and forth on the toilet to get a tiny bit out.

I told the doctors but they said it was just inflammation and it would settle down. But it didn’t.”

Read Dawn’s story in the Portsmouth News.

Belinda Bibby
Belinda Bibby

Belinda talks to the Chester Chronicle about the TVT mesh tape that caused her nine years of agony.

“I endured years of not getting help because no one knows of the adverse effects.

“I did all my own research and got help from other women, otherwise I would still be suffering.”

Theresa Bartram’s tells The Metro how mesh tape implant cut through her vaginal walls and injured her partner during sex

Teresa Bartram
Teresa Bartram

She said it was as if the most private area of her body had grown teeth.

She was finally told the mesh had been fitted too low, which is why she had injured her partner’s penis and suffered such awful complications. At just 50 years old she fears she will remain celibate forever.

Ann Cook talks to the Royston Crow about how mesh caused extreme stomach cramps, pain down her legs and constant urinary tract infections.

Ane Cook
Anne Cook

“It was described as such a simple day surgery with little or no complications, so I went for it.”

But the mesh caused extreme stomach cramps, pain down her legs and constant urinary tract infections.

She said: “It was horrible. I couldn’t stand up straight and was doubled over. I am a strong woman but this stopped me in my tracks”.

Claire Cooper speaks to the Sussex Express on how she was given a womb ablation after having a mesh sling. The intense heat of the ablation just centimetres from the plastic mesh in her pelvic area caused horrendous problems.

Claire Cooper
Claire Cooper

“I was being treated for heavy periods and it was suggested I had a thermal Endometrial Ablation.

“A day later, my nightmare began. I have never experienced tearing, sickening pain like it. Weeks went by, and then months, and despite procedure after procedure and subsequent time off from work, I was no better”.

Sky News reports how hundreds of women across the UK are calling for the ban of a medical procedure which has left them in chronic pain – with some unable to walk.

Kath Sansom on Sky News
Kath Sansom on Sky News

For some patients, this surgery is of benefit – but for others it is a personal tragedy.

And nobody knows just how many women are suffering.

“The perception is that the amount of women who have had problems is minimal, but for every woman affected that is one too many.”

The danger of mesh slings is covered by Natural Parenting Magazine.

“I was a healthy and happy mum of two teenagers, but had a niggling problem of suffering life’s little leaks when I exercised.

A blog on the dangers of mesh
A blog on the dangers of mesh

“It wasn’t the end of the world but when I heard about a simple 20 minute day-case operation to fix it, I jumped at the chance. I was told it had minimal risks and I’d be healed within a week.

Two days after the mesh TVT bladder sling was inserted, my nose started dripping. I thought nothing of it, but then leg pains intensified and with each step I became more and more scared.

Huffington Post blog – “I bought something that looked like it was straight out of an Anne Summers catalogue to fix my pelvic floor.”

Huffington Post blog about mesh implants.
Huffington Post blog about the mesh implants.

The problem had been kicking at my heels since having my second daughter – a gorgeous bundle of 9lb 11oz massiveness.

It became a standard joke that, thank God I loved her as much as I did, because she left me with what many have after natural childbirth – mild incontinence.



2 thoughts on “Women in the media

  1. Hello Sue, so sorry to read that you have suffered. I recommend you see your GP adn ask for a referral to either Susie Elneil in London or Natalia Price in Oxford to get the mesh removed. We have a support and information on Facebook too where there are lots of lovely ladies who can offer advice, Kath


  2. Hi Tracy just read your case study and I had the TVT done in 2007 and ever since that day I cannot bare anything inside me its so painful, with burning its affecting my life and my partnership with my husband, I’m so stressed about it, it wasn’t till last week that I thought i’d check online to see if it could be removed and came across all the bad stories! I cryed with relief because I thought I was alone suffering from this operation. I’m even more stressed now to learn that I might never be back to my normal self as time goes on it gets more and more painful. I’m going to book an appointment with my doctor but not sure how to approach her with my findings. I Just don’t know what to do with myself. I wasn’t told of any after effects if I had I would have refused the operation, I have never had a follow up appointment, once I left the hospital that was it. Sue


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