Women’s rights compromised in “simple” operation : the Trump women’s rally

This feels like one of the most unifying political moments in recent history.

Goodbye keyboard warriors – instead people took to the streets to protest about, what in 2017, should be a life basic. Human rights. Women’s rights.


Despite being the 21st century, sexism, mysogyny and women being treated without dignity and respect is rife – Trump being a supreme perpetrator.

In a Facebook post that went viral, Donald Trump is seen bragging about how his daughter has great legs but he wasn’t sure about her breasts as they were not yet developed.


Here is a man who has been catapulted into the role of most influential man in the world yet he talks bizarre sexual chatter. A man who has appointed Woody Johnson – heir to the Johnson & Johnson pharma and medical devices fortune, as his ambassador for the UK.

I write on behalf of women worldwide whose basic rights are compromised in what is hailed a simple 20 minute, gold standard, operation to fix embarrassing problems often suffered after childbirth – problems of incontinence and prolapse – using a device manufactured by J&J.


An operation using either a mesh tape (TVT or TVT/O) or a patch is implanted permanently and women are told it has virtually no risks.

A surgery that when women go back to their implanting surgeon, they are told the pain has nothing to do with the operation and are made to feel they are whining, making it up or the pain is just in their heads.

An operation that globally can put healthy women into wheelchairs or walking on sticks for life. Chronic pain in legs, pelvic and groin. Constant painful water infections, nerve damage, perforation of organs and delicate tissue.


Losing their sex life forever because either the mesh implant put into their bodies cuts through their vaginal walls and cuts their partner. Or they develop such intense burning pains in their private parts they cannot  use tampons during their periods never mind think about sex.

Women are not being listened to when this operation goes wrong and are being made to feel silly for even suggesting it is a problem – by a medical industry that is predominantly male-orientated and profits-driven.

With the election of Trump there is a continuing disparity in female representation in every industry, at every level in the UK.


It is time to wake up and listen to women worldwide on a raft of social inequality issues.

And it is most certainly time to listen to the growing number of women injured by life changing, irreversible problems after pelvic mesh implant surgery.



January 21, 2017. Starts noon outside the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square.

It kicks off with a speech from activist and playwright Rebecca Lenkiewicz.

• The march is two miles long running from to the east of Hyde Park, southwards to Green Park and then left to St. James’ Street. Then along Pall Mall, loop around Trafalgar Square and conclude at Waterloo Place.

• All genders welcome.

• Children are welcome. There is an area beside the US Embassy where young marchers can get their face painted, do arts and crafts and catch bubbles. Young marchers should look for the blue placards when the march starts forming up at 12.30pm. The blue group is specifically for designated for adults with children, although you are welcome to march further back in the procession as part of the general orange group.

• The march is disability-friendly.

• There is a shorter route to take if you don’t think you can manage the full two mile, it’s recommended that you meet at 1.20pm and  join the rest of the marchers towards Trafalgar Square -keep checking the website for last minute changes.

• If you can’t make it to London for march day, don’t despair – Facebook will be livestreaming the march so you can still join in the with conversation.

For details visit the official website https://www.womensmarchlondon.com/

 Evening Standard link to the march