Hernia mesh

Hernia repairs are carried out using the same polypropylene surgical mesh material as that used for the vaginal implants.

Hernia mesh can cause problems too.
Hernia mesh can cause problems too.

It does not have the issue of inserting the polypropylene plastic through a clean contaminated, surgical field BUT these mesh patches are also causing problems due to the material shrinking, causing pain and erosion – which means it can cut through tissues and nerve endings.

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Hernia mesh recalled

Two types of hernia mesh have been recalled – the  Atrium C-QUR patch and Ethicon PHYSIOMESH. Hernia mesh devices were placed on the market despite inadequate testing, trials and proper warning of concerns from physicians.

In May 2016, Ethicon issued an “URGENT FIELD SAFETY NOTICE” alerting surgeons they are voluntarily recalling the patch.

Manufacturers were aware the patches caused increased adverse effects, yet trained their sales force to blame surgical teams rather than accept the product’s fault.