Hernia mesh

Hernia repairs are carried out using the same polypropylene surgical mesh material as that used for the vaginal implants. Some repairs are done using alloderm or porcine gratfs (pig).

Huffington Post reports that many hernia sufferers don’t realise it’s the same plastic mesh material as the vaginal mesh implants.

A leading Candaian hernia surgeon says it has unacceptably high risks. Read the interview in Stuff magazine.

General Surgery News runs a reader poll on To Mesh or Not To Mesh

British and European guidelines are here .

Hernia mesh can cause problems too.
Hernia mesh can cause problems too.

It does not have the issue of inserting the polypropylene plastic through a clean contaminated, surgical field BUT these mesh patches are also causing problems due to the material shrinking, causing pain and erosion – which means it can cut through tissues and nerve endings.

There are male members of Sling The Mesh who joined after suffering chronic pain from a hernia repair and want to find out more about surgical mesh problems. The Shouldice Hospital in Canada specialises in natural tissue repairs.

Surgeon Robert Bendavid says in this leading journal that he doubts anybody will be awarded any prizes in the future for the use of mesh for hernias or for mesh used in any other area in the body.

This study claims hernia mesh does not cause infertility in males BUT it only follows up patients for 6 months and the average time for problems to present is 7 to 10 years later.Hernia repair “does not affect fertility” BUT IT ONLY HAD A 6 MONTHS FOLLOW UP

English non mesh hernia repair surgeons we know of are David Nott, Emin Carapetti, Arj Shanka

Bard Monofilament Soft mesh caused severe damage following a hernia repair.

Stuff TV Hernia patient talks about how no tests show anything is wrong, yet pain gets worse, painkillers get stronger.He didn’t even know mesh had been inserted. His life, his enjoyment, his hobbies all gone.

American lawyer Mike Papontonio on his TV show talks about how hernia mesh is a billion dollar profit machine causing problems for thousands.

Group action against hernia mesh in Canada.

Hernia mesh lawsuit in America May 2017.

CLICK HERE FOR A ONE STOP SHOP for good information about hernia mesh complications.

Another good site for information is here by surgeon Kevin Petersen

Hernia mesh recalled

Hernia mesh has been recalled – Ethicon PHYSIOMESH. Hernia mesh devices were placed on the market despite inadequate testing, trials and proper warning of concerns from physicians, according to this report.

In May 2016, Ethicon issued an “URGENT FIELD SAFETY NOTICE” alerting surgeons they are voluntarily recalling the patch.

Native tissue groin hernia repair

Malik, Urbach et al This study shows you are five times more likely to get recurrence if you have mesh compared to a native tissue repair at the world’s leading natural hernia repair centre the Shouldice Hospital in Canada.

Surgeons don’t report problems with medical devices – they think it’s futile

BMJ Surgeons don’t report problems with medical devices because they don’t see the point – according to this study.