Women and their families take Sling The Mesh to Parliament.
Women and their families take Sling The Mesh to Parliament.


August 2020

Healthwatch Newsletter says there is a worrying huge amount of unreported medical device trials in the UK which is putting at patients of risk of harm.

You Tube link to a webinar for surgeons from Middle east and N Africa on how to treat prolapse and SUI

Tech Wire American firm Deep Blue get clearance for new hernia mesh with huge anchors

UnCancelled While developed nations and their media re realising mesh is a cash cow with flawed scientific evidence to support it use, manufacturers are pushing its products in countries like Africa, Japan, India, China, Middle East.

The Big Issue North The mesh scandal shows that the medical industry is darker than the tobacco industry Big Issue August 2020 Mesh Scandal by Saskia

In this guest blog, Sarah Graham, founder of Hysterical Women, talks about gender bias within healthcare. Sarah draws on research, anecdotal evidence and the recent Cumberlege report to highlight how widespread mistreatment of women can have a negative impact on their safety as a patient.

July 2020

IUGA Newsletter Japanese surgeons say they don’t need to adhere to international warnings on mesh and say teh negative publicity on prolapse mesh is unreasonable

Banbury Guardian Pilates teacher says how the pain from hernia mesh has left her sometimes needing to use a walker

South West Londoner The ticking time bomb inside women. Mesh leaves women in exrutiating pain and yet so many medics still deny it is an issue

BMJ blog article by Stephen Bradley, Erick Turner and Kath Sansom on how research must be made better. Shoddy practices and poor evidence must go because the end result is patients suffering needlessly. It is betrayal of public trust. We know enough about the problems in research to do something about it.

Reuters Chinese study claims TVT mesh improves sexual function. The study is hugely misleading and only follows up women for a year. A staggering 7/10 women in Sling The Mesh have lost their sex lives.

Health Service Journal Podcast: Why the Baroness Cumberlege First Do No Harm report is being buried.

Socialist Worker writes: “The review found evidence of conflicts of interest and financial links between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare services.” Problems uncovered may only be the tip of the iceberg. “The issue is not one of a single or a few rogue medical practitioners, or differences in regional practice. It is system-wide. And, while we have looked in detail at only three interventions, we have heard nothing that would lead us to believe that things are different for other surgical procedures and devices or other medications.”

Kate Jarman is director of communications and corporate affairs at Milton Keynes University Hospital. She writes on the First Do No harm Report

TVT Pioneer in the early days of mesh use in the UK

London Evening Standard Apology is long overdue for women harmed from 3 healthcare treatments

Metro Three women’s health treatments could have avoided harm if there were proper systems in place to log issues before they got out of hand

Metro Mum of three rushed into emergency surgery due to mesh implant hell

Good Health TV Interview with Baroness Julia Cumberlege and Kath Sansom. Recommendations must be implemented with urgency.

Daily Mail Baroness Cumberlge report hits out with anger at failings especially by the MHRA but will vaginal mesh campaigners be betrayed again if these recommendations are not put into place?

Woman and Home Survey by Sling The Mesh reveals the most common complications of mesh surgery

Guardian Let’s hope the vaginal mesh scandal is the end of an era where Drs treat women as hysterical

Guardian Richard Vize says this is what happens when men in power ignore women. The First Do No Harm report into decades of failure batters the reputation of the NHS, professional bodies, regulators, manufacturers, private providers and policymakers.

Telegraph Carole Davies says a vaginal mesh ruined her life

Huffington Post Women  explain what it is like to live with constant pain

Independent Why didn’t the Royal College of Midwives, Royal College of Paediatrics and Royal College of Physicians get involved with the Cumberlege report?

County Down Newsletter We faced a wall of denial

Swindon Advertiser It is clear the medical establishment is deeply entrenched in a culture of misogyny

Cambridge News Campaign for Cambridgeshire mum is a success

Telegraph Kath Sansom talks of her campaign to sling the mesh

Daily Mail Matt Hancock apologises to women affected by three health scandals

BBC Nadine Dorries apologises to women injured by mesh, Primodos and Sodium Valproate

BMJ Product liability case grows in the UK

BBC Review shows catastrophic failings in health care

Sky mesh sufferer has life ruined – rectopexy

Sky women deserve better

Inews Women deserve apology

Slough and South Bucks Advertiser Mesh forced teacher into early retirement

Sunderland Echo MP Sharon Hodgson reveals how a mesh implant ruined her mum’s life

BBC Wales Government told to apologise to mesh injured women

Warrington Guardian Thousands women left maimed from vaginal mesh

Teeside Leader Maxine is left disabled from mesh implant

Evening Express Thousands of women could have been spared mesh complications

BBC N Ireland Nobody believed woman’s pain

Guardian It is high time doctors were forced to declare funding from industry says GP Margaret McCartney

ITV Anglia A Cambridgeshire mum who spearheaded the campaign for an inquiry into the use of pelvic mesh implants says she welcomes today’s report which says the scandal was entirely avoidable.

Sky News Apologies must be given to women who were dismissed after suffering in three health scandals

Sky News Kath Sansom writes on the mesh implant scandal

BBC Government told to apologise after damning review

The Guardian Our medical establishment is deeply entrenched in institutional denial and misogyny

The Independent Damning Cumberlege inquiry results

Cambs Times Report into women’s health treatments makes for uncomfortable reading

The Times Patients left in pain for decades by three women’s health scandals

Hold The Front Page Government to apologise to women over the mesh implant scandal

Eastern Daily Press Suffering was entirely avoidable

Mail Online A generation of women betrayed by three medical procedures mesh, Primodos and sodium valproate

Mail on Sunday Women with vaginal mesh complications and pain told they were imagining it

Cambs Times Whatever happens there is no glory in knowing thousands of women have been maimed and ignored

Devon Live Women anxiously await outcome of the Baroness Cumberlege Review

Science Times Thousands around the world are suffering from the mesh operation. It is time to say enough is enough

Daily Mail women whose lives have ben irreversibly damaged by mesh, speak ahead of the Independent Review to say mesh implants must be banned forever

May 2020

IMMDS Review announces they will publish on July 8, 2020

MPN Magazine Women who have already been waiting 18 months for mesh removal will have at least six more months to wait because of Covid19

Baroness Cumberlege announces that the mesh review will publish in July

March 2020

Woman and Home magazine – everything you need to know about the vaginal mesh implant scandal

February 2020

Devon Live the heartbreaking stories of women whose lives have been ruined by vaginal mesh

London Mayoral candidate Dr Sue Black steps down after suffering mesh complications The Guardian 

January 2020

AOL Hernia mesh does not have adequate evidence for its use

BBC Victoria Derbyshire Hernia mesh has little or no clinical evidence to support its use

Devon Live Women call for investigation into vaginal mesh injuries at Torbay Hospital

Metro Two mums talk about how they feel suicidal from the ongoing pain of mesh implants


December 2019

Vladimir Iakovlev issues a report on plastic mesh degradation and its devastating effects on human health

RCOG issue a report on action plans for women’s health and omit mesh issues.

November 2019

Surgeon Greg Vigna writes that slings have life changing complications. Transvaginal mesh continues to be pushed by the American Urogynecologic Society (AUGS) and American Gynecological & Obstetrical Society (ACOG) as the de facto ‘Gold Standard’ for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence despite the risk of severe, life-altering pain syndromes that make sexual relations impossible, reduces mobility, and causes bowel and bladder dysfunction.

Daily Mail Landmark ruling None of the mesh devices satisifed the criteria of their CE marking.

Newcastle Herald women win. J&J lose. In a scathing commentary Justice Katzmann slammed Johnson & Johnson for the release of nine pelvic mesh devices from 1999 with little evidence supporting their safe use.

The companies minimised known complications for years, regarded risk management assessments as a largely “tick a box exercise”, and failed post-marketing monitoring despite growing evidence of serious injuries to women, Justice Katzmann said.

Guardian Australian women win landmark case against J&J

Bloomberg J&J are found negligent in landmark mesh case in Australia.

Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk J&J must pay thousands after they were found negligent in vagina mesh case.

Kent Online Suzanne Baxter spends mot of her days in bed from the crippling pain of a vaginal mesh implant .

Stevenage News Carole Davis undergoes major surgery to removal vaginal mesh that has ruined her life with crippling pain.

Irish Times Two women from Southern Ireland call for an audit of mesh to work out the scale of suffering.

Daily Mail cover the story of two women given rectopexy mesh for a rectal prolapse – who didn’t even need surgery. Their lvies have been shattered by the complications.

Ranee Thakker says lessons must be learnt from the pelvic mesh disaster otherwise the profession will be dead.

October 2019

Healthwatch magazine on the mesh disaster, called Pelvic mesh: Surgery’s Dirty Secret.

Irish Examiner Simon Harris says there will be no redress for women harmed by mesh

Irish Times woman lives in daily crippling pain and says it is like living with a ticking time bomb

Pharmacovigilance cover a conference in Sicily attended by Sling The Mesh

September 2019

The Labour Party pledge support for mesh injured woman in a campaign of Profits Before Safety

You Tube Dr George Angus gives evidence at a panel discussion in Australia

August 2019

Upsalla Monitoring The time has come to subject medial devices to the same rigorous scrutiny as medicines which require three stages of clincial trials.

Norcal Record A member of J&J staff said she she saw a pattern of problems emerging for women after having a mesh sling for long ago as 2007. While J&J tried to say these were temporary problems, she made it clear they were not.

Norcal Record A J&J dcotor says a 20% erosion rate is OK

July 2019

Women’s Health Magazine Women ahve not been listened to yet they have been suffering devastating effects after being implanted with a product made of Polypropylene Plastic which has never been proeprly tested.

Sky News The plastic used to make surgical mesh gets fewer checks than washing machines. It is emerging that the polypropylene is not fit to be inserted into human bodies as it is not bio compatible.

Sky News opinion piece The vaginal mesh scandal affects us all. The palstic material is also used for hernia repairs plus it highlights the appalling state of regulation for medical devices globally.

New Zealand family of a young woman who died after suffering mesh pain and complications for two years, say a Government review of mesh implants could be a waste of time.  Dave Collis’ wife, Sarah, died in 2015, aged 27.

New Zealand Listener Women were guinea pigs for mesh insertions and now they are guinea pigs for lucrative robotic assisted mesh removal. Robotic study literature is riddle with authors who don’t declare conflicts of interest – around half don’t say they’ve received payments – Ben Goldacre.

Thesis discussed the scandal of vaginal mesh. The degree of loss of self & loss of hope comes across loud & clear in the mesh implant scandal where research focuses on the fix & not new life shattering complications.  Qualitative data is missing.

June 2019

The Journel Eire Women complain of severe delays in getting treatment for complications.

BMJ Opinion Piece by Professor Carl Heneghan talks on the confusion surrounding mesh implants and the lack of long term good quality evidence to support its use.

Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk Christopher Walker has been arrested and charged with luring women into pelvic mesh removal surgeries that may not have been necessary after contracting with a middleman. His defenders say this is ridiculous. Dr. Walker is one of the few urogynecologists who recognizes mesh injuries and has been an expert testifying on behalf of the mesh-injured community.

Say It Forward. Beverley Burrows shares her mesh journey.

Vagina glue is being researched in Texas University to fix prolapse in its early stages. I doubt there will be robust evidence to prove this is safe and effective…  research in mice and chicken embryos…

May 2019

Private Eye Dr Phil Hammon covers the mesh scandal Private Eye Dr Phil Hammond

Mesh Lives Matter rally coverage

Thompsons The UK is in the grip of a pelvic mesh crisis.

Manchester Evening News cover the Manchester rally outside the NICE conference

Eddie Nestor show on BBC London with Jim Davison covers our Mesh Lives Matter Rally Listen from 18.56

Hysterical Women online blog UCLH say the paase of Suzy Elneil’s service affects 13 women. It actually affects 247

Dorset Eye cover the story

Hysterical Women Guest blog by Beverley Burrows  Living with a chronic condition can be debilitating; both physically and mentally. I can feel worthless and a burden to my family, and I have a myriad of intense and long-lasting feelings – everything from exhaustion to fear to guilt because of the demands made on my family.

Narkives Broken link from 2008

Woman and Home magazine MHRA chief resigns amid vaginal mesh scandal.

New York Times editorial on the mess that has led to scandals like vaginal mesh, breast implants and Essure. Regulations need tightening and equivalence approval needs to go. Post market surveillance needs to be monitored. All countries need a Sunshine Payment Act.

Norwich Evening News Norfolk women join protest rallies over pelvic mesh


Belfast Telegraph An 83 year old is suffering in extreme pain but been told her case is not urgent. Margaret had her mesh implant in 2003.

Medical Plastic News Sling The Mesh to rally outside the annual NICE conference and UCLH on May 9, 2019. The protest is against NICE guidelines that pave the way for women of tomorrow to be harmed and also against UCLH stopping Suzy Elneil’s mesh removal service for no good reason.

Metro Shelly’s mum Sue killed herself after suffering prolapse mesh pain for years but was told she had mental health problems.

The Print Indian Government asks J&J to reveal how many mesh kits were imported to their country in the last three years.

The Print Sales of pelvic mesh could be stopped in India after the FDA vaginal prolapse mesh ban

FDA orders ban on vaginal prolapse mesh. Thompsons ask will regulators continue to turn the other way?

60 Minutes covers the mesh scandal which they say is bigger than thalidomide. Removed meshes have shrunk, some up to 50%, they are covered in scar tissue. Tissue is inflamed.

Hysterical Women blog cover the NICE guidelines among its sexism in health care magazine.

Yorkshire Gazette and Herald Jackie Cheetham says of the new NICE guidelines: “Every day on our support group, we see women suffering severe pain, some losing their bowels and bladders, all thanks to mesh surgery.

“Surgeons who take their guidance from NICE, need to be more honest with women in the first instance and they need to stop covering up the true risks.

Oxford Mail Women warn hospital trusts that if they implant mesh now, before six safety check lists are ticked of,f they will be acting unlawfully.

Oxford Mail Margie Maguire suffered a prolapse after the birth of her daughter but the mesh fix has left her relying on a mobility scooter and she fears was the cause of two miscarriages.

STM and Thompsons write to all NHS Trusts warning against the use of mesh again until Baroness Cumberlege has reported her findings, following outrage from campaigners on new NICE guidelines..

Medical Plastics News report on the STM stark warning issued to NHS alongside Thompsosn lawyers

Photographer Caroline Briggs releases a powerful photographic documentary into the suffering of women harmed by mesh.

NICE  publish its new guidelines.

Carl Heneghan blog. Twenty years after mesh was first introduced there are still considerable shortcomings in the evidence base: the quality of evidence for complication is weak and mostly lacking. NICE guidance neglects the serious risks associated with the use of mesh in surgery. Campaigners fear the evidence is untrustworthy, biased and too low quality to inform decision making.

Jeremy Vine Show covers the vaginal mesh NICE guidelines criticism at 2.4 in its news section

Cambs Times MP Owen Smith says he thinks NICE has been got at by medical societies to keep mesh

Ken Bruce show covers NICE criticism at 1:31:49 Jackie Cheetham went from a fun, fit mum, to one in pain and suicidal.

BBC Radio Ulster from 44. Jackie Harvey talks about how mesh has affected her and how women in N Ireland are stuck with no reliable help if they suffer mesh complications. The surgeons who implanted their mesh tell them mesh isn’t a problem.

Medical Plastics News Why has NICE published its guidelines before Baroness Cumberlege announces her review outcome?

Victoria Derbyshire Show NICE clears the way for mesh to be used again

Sky News Julie Gilsennan tell show vaginal mesh has ruined her life

Daily Mail Four women tell how mesh has destroyed their life and for some, left them feeling suicidal

ITV National on mesh How can surgeons give fully informed consent when NICE admit they don’t know the complications?

BMJ mesh guidelines from NICe appear to unban the banned vaginal prolapse mesh

ITV Regional We are utterly appalled, say campaigners

Telegraph Outrage as NICE issue new guidelines

Guardian NICE guidelines pave the way to harm future generations of women

Hold The Front Page Campaigning journalist appalled at NICE decision

New Scientist mesh guidelines are so weak they are not much different to what was written 16 years ago

Huffington Post 1 in 20 women are suicidal after having a mesh implant

Fletchers Solicitors Woman given rectopexy mesh from Anthony Dixon when she didn’t even need surgery is given £185,000 in compensation.

French Candian Radio Canada runs mesh story for first time. Women are not given fully informed consent on mesh implants

JAMA Mesh implants scandal or standard of care? An interesting article where surgeons who have taken industry funding say mesh is good, while one who has taken no funding, says there are no studies where the focus is safety.

MENAFN The transobturator sling by its design places the pudendal nerve in peril while the retropubic sling does not.

Daily Mail One in 20 women with mesh injuries contemplate suicide, survey reveals.

Cambs Times Half women have suicidal thoughts and 1 in 20 have attempted suicide, new  survey by Sling The Mesh shows.

Finland news outlet covers story of Johanna who runs a support forum for women affected by mesh

Eastern Daily Press The Norfolk and Suffolk mesh group meet regularly for friendship and support with the only other people who understand their suffering.

March 2019: Professor Carl Heneghan Blog says:

Bard has decided to stop production and distribution of their urogynaecological mesh products – all 21 of them.

“Their reasons are commercial – they say they are not down to safety issues. However, failing products and an unwillingness to develop evidence of safety underpins the vast majority of medical device withdrawals.

“When the US FDA asked companies to perform mandatory three years follow up studies of vaginal mesh products, nearly 90% of the manufacturers withdrew the device or changed the indication. Other manufacturers will be considering their options, and we will likely see more exits from the market.

“Given the growing safety concerns and this latest development, we urgently need the government to step in and ensure mandatory follow up of all patients implanted with these mesh devices.”

90% link:

Analysis of 119 FDA 522 orders revealed that in 79 (66%) the manufacturer ceased market distribution of the device, and in 26 (22%) the manufacturer had changed the indication.…/…/BARD_letter.pdf


Sky News Bard (BD) pulls its mesh off the UK market voluntarily. MP Owen Smith says it sends a clear message to the world that people are losing faith in mesh products.

Medical Plastics News Bard takes its urogynae mesh off the UK market

ICIJ Bard refuse to help this Danish woman suffering from one of its prolapse meshes partly because she refuses to return the net that is still partly inside her body’ (!)

Bard refuses to help Danish woman

Herald, Australia Mesh injured patients in Australia say regulators are in bed with industry and as a result thousands have been injured by mesh. They take their fight to the Senate in April.

NPR Radio in America Regulations need tightening on medical devices

ICIJ Government is planing to draw up compulsory implant registry so patients can be tracked for their lifetime

BMJ The cost of medical marketing has gone from $17.7 billion in 1997 to almost $30 billion.

Medical Device News Regulators have failed patients and historically there is a lack of transparency around medical devices.

Politics Home magazine Owen Smith writes a blog about his debate on medical device licensing. “I’m glad that during the debate, the Health Minister acknowledged that commercial interests have been historically prioritised over patient safety in the regulation of medical devices, but the Government needs to go further by toughening up the licensing process and committing to a national registry of all devices to protect patients.”

ICIJ cover Owen Smith’s House of Commons  debate on medical device safety

The Guardian The Government encourages women to sue surgeons for suffering mesh complications – yet it is a treatment that until last year the NHS recommended!

ICIJ Should vaginal mesh be pulled off the American market asks the FDA.

Transparimed say 8 out of 10 European universities don’t publish outcomes of trials into health care treatments. It means badly performing products can be quietly brushed under the carpet. They are calling on the European Medicines Agency to force trial authors to publish outcomes

Cambs Times 1,004 patients died in three years while thousands are hurt every year in the UK from complications with medical devices says MP Owen Smith ahead of a debate in the House of Commons.

BBC A 15 year old girl is given a biological rectopexy mesh implant to fix a rectal prolapse and is still suffering five years later. Chloe Thurston is thought to be the youngest UK patient to have had the procedure.

Cambridgeshire Live Grandmother Anne Cook says all pelvic mesh needs to be banned as it is heart breaking seeing the suffering of way too many.

January 2019

Marketing report reckons vaginal mesh will be worth £188 million by 2024 and that vaginal slings will make a come back. It calls it duct and graft to avoid calling it mesh.

BBC Mohammed Abdel Fatteh forgets to declare £100K of funding from mesh maker Coloplast while running a study into their mesh. Abdel-Fatteh spoke at a conference in Dec 2018 where he said journalists and MPs lead the mesh debate based on emotions, see P9 of this link. The Belgian Association of Urology conference where he spoke was heavily industry funded.

Eastern Daily Press Norfolk woman wishes she could give some of her pain away so people understand the hell of living with hidden illness

BMJ look into organisations that pose as patient organisations and found eight in 10 take industry funding on the very treatmetns they  critique for the UK’s NICE guidelines.

Washington Post Vaginal mesh is a monster and once affected, women can never be fully fixed

CTV Canadian News A study of 57,000 women shows those who need mesh removal are at increased risk of depression, self harm and suicidal thoughts.


The Legal Examiner. Lawyer says he is not surprised at the medical device scandal. Compensation pay outs are a drop in the ocean compared to £76 billion profits made by J&J

ICIJ American regulation vs European. In the EU regulators fail miserably an. In 2008 the MHRA routinely investigated 1 in 3 reports of adverse events of medical devices. In the first 10 months this had dropped to 1 in 100. Shocking!

In 2018 the MHRA only investigates 1 in 100 adverse events compared to 1 in 3 in 2008

Huffington Post To round off 2018 an Allergan breast implant cancer warning is issued and British plastic surgeons are advised to not use them any more. In a year that has seen mesh, hit international headlines the question is why do women keep being harmed?

Essex Live The devastating impact of mesh on three women’s lives

The Globe and Mail Canada Medical experts can rake in thousands making sure medical claims are not successful…

Finnish authorities do not publish information on failing medical devices as it costs too much plus they don’t want to worry people,

The Guardian UK journalists are shocked at the lack of transparency in medical device regulation and the suffering caused by implants.

BMJ Regulation of medical devices in Europe needs toughening up and quick. Implants approved in Europe are three times more likely to be subject to a safety alert or recall, says Fiona Godlee, BMJ editor.

Global investigation into medical devices

The Implant Files investigation

ICIJ Time and again our investigations led to women harmed by medical devices

ICIJ How medical device makers hide the  truth on numbers of patients suffering – violating reporting rules, reporting death under malfunction of device and burying patient injuries in records that are not publicly reported.

ICIJ Health authorities have failed to protect patients. Medical implants have harmed thousands  around the world

ICIJ Medical device lobbyists persuaded government’s that no overhaul was needed to tighten up device regulation. Plans to tighten up regulations was wrecked by the lobbyists TWICE

ICIJ The response within 24 hours

ICIJ Looking for answers in blacked out documents

ICIJ Medtronic, which makes hernia mesh, paid $900 million in  five years to medics for research, travel, royalties, consulting fees and more.. They set up a scheme for poverty line patients in India to take out loans for pacemakers. A n ICIJ analysis of adverse event reports from 2008 to 2017 identified 9,300 deaths and 292,000 injuries potentially linked to products made by Medtronic or its subsidiaries.

In the years since its ethics pledge, Medtronic  reported $3.2 billion in legal charges and said it reached agreements to settle about 20,000 patient claims and lawsuits. During the same period, the company posted net income totalling about $34 billion. Its market value grew to $125 billion from $28 billion a decade ago..



You Tube trailer

Guardian November 2018

The Guardian faulty implants harm thousands around the world

The Guardian Baroness Julia Cumberlege “If you look at the regulation of medicines, it’s pretty strict. We know it takes nine years for a medicine … to be brought to market,”  she said. “With devices, that rigour is not there.”

The Guardian World champion hurdler Dai Greene had to sit out 5 years in his sports career because of hernia mesh complications

BBC Patients have been given unsafe medical devices. A treatment for children with a severely curved spine, or scoliosis,  was allowed on to the market following tests only on pigs and dead bodies.

Yet, due to a lack of transparency and data collection, the scale of any problem across the medical device industry remains a mystery to both patients and doctors.

BBC Prof Derek Alderson, President of the Royal College of Surgeons,  says every new medical device launched on to the market needs a registry to protect patients.

Medical Plastics News The number of people featured in the Implant Files is merely dipping a toe into the ocean of those suffering says Sling The Mesh

New York Times How global journalists researched medical device safety. More than 250 journalists in 36 countries representing more than 50 media organisations, including The Associated Press, spent nearly a year examining the safety of medical devices , such as how they are tested, approved and monitored by regulatory agencies.

Wall Street Journal The FDA announce it is set to revamp its 510K clearance process which has been in place since 1976 and now out dated for the amount of medical devices on the market compared to the 70s..

American ICIJ overview

Canadian ICIJ overview

European ICIJ overview

NBS News Faulty US medical devices are shipped to Canada

CBC News Medical devices are thought to be responsible for 14,000 reported injuries and 1,416 deaths in Canada. Another CBC report here

Financial Review Patients globally have paid a heavy price for poorly regulated medical devices

De Telegraaf Amsterdam report on faulty medical implants and the PIP breast implant scandal

ABC News Australia says almost 83,000 people around the world have died in the last decade because of faulty medical devices

CBC News The costly and dangerous world of removal medical implants

UOL Brazil say  authorities have accused four of the world’s largest medical device companies of running a decade-long “alleged cartel”.

Le Monde, France report how orange fruit netting almsot won backing as a vaginal mesh implant.

L’Obs France Woman suffering after vaginal mesh implants. “I live a real nightmare, pain, infections, disability.”

France Cash Investigations looks at the implant scandal – with video

El Confidencial Spain report on the medical device regulation shambles. Within 5 hours of the launch of , it is Sunday night and the Spanish Ministry of Health  announces that it meets on Monday with the scientific associations to discuss the case.

Radar Netherlands went under cover in 2012 to get approval for orange fruit netting as a vaginal mesh. Here they update for Implant Files

Le Monde Round up of global device regulation since ICIJ began their investigations


Hysterical Women One woman was told she was making it up to get out of household chores.

Cambs Times The mesh implant disaster has highlighted how women’s health concerns are often not taken seriously and how doctors do not properly listen to women. Sometimes for years.

Cambs Times A global task force, special interest group, is launched to look into medical device safety at ISOP 2018, a conference in Geneva of 450 experts from 75 countries.

Newswire Thigh and groin pain are problems with obturator slings

Radio 4 Women’s Hour  A Woman’s Health Task Force is to be set up for England.  Health Minister Jacqui Doyle Price  said : “A number of things that crossed my desk that led me to this conclusion. Firstly I found the evidence that women were not being treated early enough with things like fibroids and endometriosis which are very common conditions. Then we had the whole issue of mesh, where some women had obviously been treated with mesh inappropriately and were suffering very serious complications, and there appeared to be a real disconnect between what the medical establishment were telling me and the experience of women, and it suggested that conversations were not taking place in the right space.”

The Mirror Ex naval officer fights in two wars but nothing prepares him for the hell of hernia mesh

San Francisco Chronicle What’s a vagina worth? Makers of mesh and their shareholders know exactly what its value is.

Daily Mail mesh implants were unleashed into thousands of women from 1997 without the evidence to prove they were safe.

“It was a seemingly innocuous email response last week from Johnson & Johnson that provided the final, damning piece in the jigsaw puzzle. ‘According to our records,’ it read: ‘TVT devices were launched in Europe in late 1997.’

“It was an astonishing admission, because at that time a major trial in the UK to check whether TVT — tension-free vaginal tape — was a safe, or even effective, treatment for women with stress incontinence had not even begun recruiting patients. And yet this email showed that UK regulators had already approved the use of these mesh devices.

Hysterical Women online magazine cover the vaginal mesh new NICE guidelines.

BMJ expose the tragedy of mesh implants

Mesh is the new four letter word

BMJ Editor Fiona Godlee says it is time for industry to stop funding trials. The UK needs a proper register of financial interests so everyone can see who is taking money from who in the trials research arena. Sunshine Payment Act is a must.

BMJ podcast telling the story of three women whose lives have been changed beyond recognition by mesh implants.

BMJ cover the draft NICE guidelines. BMJ magazine Oct 2018

BMJ delves into the murky world of corporate sponsorship that has blighted healthcare in recent years. No more so than the mesh implant scandal

BMJ How mesh studies became wallet-driven research The inventor of the TVT, Ulf Ulmsten, given thousands to make sure his research showed the product in a positive light.

NewsHub New Zealand British investigation by the BMJ paints damning picture of the mesh implant scandal

The BMJ How mesh became a four letter word. Paul Hilton, consultant gynaecologist, and lead investigator of the UK and Ireland TVT Trial Group, whose investigation was still ongoing, agreed. It was “highly regrettable,” that TVT had been A-rated “on the basis of no evidence at all,” other than “documentation submitted by the manufacturers of the device.”

In 1998-99 just 214 women in England had treatment for stress urinary incontinence with a TVT.

Mesh’s subsequent fall from grace was almost as precipitous as its rise. From the peak of 11, 365 operations in 2008-09, by 2016-17 the number of TVT and TOT procedures had fallen to just 6227.

Over the same period, use of the previous standard treatment for the condition, Burch colposuspension fell from 3,719 procedures in 2000-01 to just 276 by 2008-09. In 2016-17, only 205 were carried out.


Oxford Times MP Layla Moran backs tighter restrictions for mesh use saying she has  constituents suffering.

Guardian Mesh should only be used as a last resort.

Eastern Daily Press Lorraine Lodge’s mesh implant became twisted and lodged in a muscle and she wishes she had never had it done. Campaigners say the NICE draft guidelines are not tough enough to protect women like Lorraine.

Daily Mail NICE issue new guidelines but campaigners say they aren’t tough enough.

Sky News NICE issue new guidelines in a U turn but women say they are not tough enough.

Cambs Times Too little too late to protect women from mesh harm.

Hufington Post Campaigners say measures to protect women do not go far enough

iNews Hernia mesh makes dad contemplate suicide.

Updsala Monitoring global magazine. The role of patient voice in ensuring health care is safe and  effective. The mesh implant highlights the need for organisations to listen to people when they say they’ve been harmed not healed.

Cambridge News The safety review into mesh implants comes to Cambridge

Bleeding Edge Documentary on Netflix” Hero of the week is Sling The Mesh

Sunday Post Scientists find superbugs live on plastic mesh implants.

Royal College of Surgeons issue a statement on hernia mesh

Daily Mail Hernia mesh in the past six years, 570,000 people have had the procedure in England alone. Experts estimate between 12 and 30% of cases suffer severe pain as a result.

BBC Hernia mesh pain nearly drove David Ellis to suicide.

BBC Hernia mesh complications affect more than 100,000 people in the UK

Richard Smith blog The former editor of the BMJ writes on the importance of Peter Gotzsche telling it like it is. Peter speaks about how the medicines and health care industry is like organised crime.

The Journal ie Irish professor finds failure rate of some mesh is unacceptably high.

Oxford Mail Baroness Cumberlege praises the courage of women who attended the Oxford review to tell how mesh has devastated their lives..

The Northern Echo The independent safety review into mesh, led by Baroness Cumberlege comes to Leeds.

BMJ Blog by Carl Heneghan The worst study ever, the 17yr Nilson study, with a low cohort with 22% loss of women to follow up which introduces serious bias into the results,

New Scientist Pain from a vaginal mesh implant was instant. “One woman was super fit and into martial arts. She’s now in a mobility scooter. On a psychological level, it’s really hard to get your head around how that can result from a “simple” operation that was supposed to improve your quality of life. It takes your breath away.”

BMJ Carl Heneghan writes the evidence base for mesh is poor. In fact, it is mostly missing.

Scotsman Mark Baxter vows to fight for a mesh ban after his mum dies from a sacrocolpopexy mesh which is listed clearly on her death certificate. It is believed to be the first time a death certificate has put mesh as cause of death in Scotland

ITV Son demands a mesh ban after his mum Eileen Baxter dies from a prolapse mesh implant implanted abdominally – the one that surgeons can still use and which they say is safe. Vaginally placed prolapse mesh was banned in December 2017.

Wales Online Woman wakes up from a mesh removal operation to find she is paralysed

Oxford Mail Woman’s mesh implant causes her so much pain it has made her feel suicidal. It is an abdominally placed prolapse mesh which surgeons are pushing to be kept for use as they believe it is safe unlike the banned vaginally placed prolapse mesh.

BBC Calls for a total ban on mesh implants in Scotland

The Scotsman Heavy criticism of an independent report into the safety of mesh implants amid calls by campaigners to ban their use in Scotland.

Oxford Mail The Oxford hospitals back mesh implants despite them being suspended across the UK after a senior Tory peer said they had tragic and appalling life changing risks.

Daily Echo Baroness Cumberlege plans to visit women in Southampton whose lives have been changed beyond repair.

Island FM Guernsey Women from the Channel Islands can email their experiences with mesh or attend the review in Southampton. Guernsey’s Medical Director, Dr Peter Rabey, says the suspension is an over reaction.

BMJ  Richard Lehman on mesh

Limerick Post editorial says the real cost of clinical deafness and blindness to women’s suffering is yet to be counted. It is richly ironic that surgeons tell women their mesh is not causing a problem yet don’t have scanning machines capable of seeing it.

Manchester Evening News Paramedic calls for pelvic mesh implants to be banned permanently after it ruined her career, her sex life and the life she loved.

The Bleeding Edge Medicines are passed after three phases of clinical trials which can take up to 10 years. Medical devices are passed if they are similar to something on the market, even if that product has been recalled. Netflix documentary looks at metal hips, mesh and Essure contraceptive device.

Doncaster Free Press Woman says her mesh implant is like barbed wire inside her.

Daily Mail Is the promise of big bucks in private practice making surgeon societies desperate to cling on to mesh implants as a treatment option?

Clacton and Frinton Gazette Suspension of mesh for incontinence is a victory but there is still more work to be done.

Medical Plastics News Lawyer slams the Government’s ambiguous suspension that leaves everybody wondering what surgeons can and can’t do.

BSUG release an aggressive fight back saying a mesh suspension is a violation of free will.

BMJ Five reasons why mesh should be banned by Carl Heneghan.

Sunday Post Campaigners call for tighter control of mesh operations in Scotland following England’s announcement.

The Independent Harriet Marsden asks why did it take so long for the Government to suspend mesh implants.

The Independent The Government agree to temporarily halt mesh use for incontinence.

Sky News Vaginal mesh is suspended for use in incontinence surgery in England. Wales and N Ireland look set to follow suit.

The Pool The mesh suspension has been a long time coming and there is still a long way to go but t’s a triumph for the tenacity of women and the strength of their stories, reaching above the parapet to change the status quo.

Daily Mail It is a testament to people power. Government call immediate halt to mesh operations for incontinence.

Medical Plastics News In a landmark moment the Government have agreed to suspend mesh implants for incontinence. It is a testament to people power.

The Guardian Baroness Cumberlege is appalled at the scale of devastation of women’s lives and calls for suspension.

BBC Immediate halt to mesh operations for incontinence.

Wisbech Standard Steve Barclay praises Kath Sansom for her campaign to Sling The Mesh.

Daily Mail NICE push back its guidelines into mesh by two months from February 2019 to April 2019.

Medical Plastics News NICE delays guidelines despite pleas to publish as a matter of urgency.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette Government halt use of vaginal mesh for incontinence.

Woman and Home magazine report on the biggest women’s health scandal of our generation. A new mesh is not the answer. Women need educating about looking after their pelvic floors from the teen years upwards. Surgeons need to stop offering mesh so freely, trust that physiotherapy can yield good results and re learn natural tissue repairs..

Patient Should mesh implants be banned? Following all the controversy how did this polypropylene implant get signed off in the first place?

Cambs Times Leading Canadian professor calls for large scale studies into the link between mesh implants and auto immune diseases.

European Plastics Magazine There is no such thing as a medical grade plastic. So manufacturers make up their own mind. Like marking their own exam papers..

Daily Mail Family of a woman who killed herself speak of her suffering from the agony of  rectopexy mesh.

Regional Press Awards. The Cambs Times wins the Making a Difference Category.

The Guardian Science reporter Hannah Devlin wins award for her story on 1 in 15 vaginal meshes need removing because of complications.

CBS 60 Minutes Duane Priddy: “I can’t, in my wildest imagination, imagine anybody that’s knowledgeable in the science of plastics ever deciding that it was appropriate to use polypropylene in the human body. It’s well known that its oxidatively unstable..”  In layman’s terms, oxygen eats plastic, Priddy says.

Chris DeArmitt, leading plastics expert, said : “I would say the material they’re buying maybe is fine for making a park bench. Maybe it’s fine for making a disposable cup. But that’s a totally different situation when you’re looking at something that will be in the body for 40 or 50 or 60 years.”

Suzy Elneil wins a healthcare award from the BBC One Show for her services to mesh injured women.

Devon Live Hospitals in the Devon area say they aren’t using vaginal mesh – but journalist digs around to find they are still using mesh for incontinence and asks why have they pulled wool over people’s eyes.

The Comet Stevenage woman tells how a mesh implant has ruined her life. “I’m still in a lot of pain and it has limiting effects on my life. I can’t stand for long, I can’t walk far and I can’t play with my grandchildren. It has caused me to wonder if life is worth living, and I want to get this poison out of me.”

Huffington Post Hernia mesh is causing life changing injuries too. The problem is that a lot of people don’t realise hernia mesh and vaginal mesh are made of the same plastic material.

Medical Plastics News cover the House of Commons three hour debate. Government finally recognises the devastating complications of mesh implants

Legal Newsline Bard mesh manufacturers  “forgot” to tell a resin maker that its plastics would be used for medical devices. Because if they found out they might stop supplying them.

Sky News Ministers are urged to act now over controversial implants as it has been a “wild west” with surgeons showing cavalier attitudes toward women.

Daily Mail Mesh has a ghastly catalogue of complications. MPs seemed mystified as to why surgeon societies were still trying to justify reasons to use it.

Sky News Professor Carl Heneghan says of mesh implants: “These are the sort of outpatient treatment numbers one would expect to see among a cohort of patients with multiple co-morbidities, not that you’d see among the relatively young women who have usually been operated on with surgical mesh for urinary incontinence.”

Huffington Post Shocking figures show 1/3 women who go to outpatient clinics for help after a mesh implant go to outpatient trauma clinics for pain. Cost to the NHS is £245m in 9 years.

Carl Heneghan, of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine,  gives his overview of the Government’s mesh audit

Medical Plastics News Mesh audit shows the scale of the mesh implant scandal.

Daily Mail 

  • The audit shows up to 45% of women with mesh require further treatment
  • In contrast, the NHS repeatedly argued that 1 to 3% of women suffer

Independent Government audit has selectively used figures in its main findings to try to show mesh is  low risk and presented it in a confusing way making it impossible for a regular reader to make sense of it.

Cambs Times Half of women who have mesh go to hospital with complications, Government audit reveals.

Swindon Advertiser Vaginal mesh is the biggest scandal since thalidomide.

Sky News A third of women end up in trauma clinics after a mesh implant and half end up in gynaecology outpatient clinics.

STV News Woman is in so much pain after a mesh implant that she has had to learn to live each day using a coin reward system to cope. She went from fit and active to in a mobility scooter and on daily doses of morphine.

Fifteen women tell us the worst thing for them about mesh implants. Mesh one liners. Fifteen true stories

Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk New medical devices that gets proper trials before being implanted are safer. Devices cleared without this, by the piggy back method, are 13.6 times more likely to be recalled.

J&J knew plastic mesh implants could cause problems for women with compromised immune systems but forged ahead anyway without warning of risk, according to a group action lawyer.

Holyrood Magazine The Mesh implant disaster united three unlikely politicians who said they would normally rip each other’s heads off over other issues but on this they stand united.

The Telegraph Doctors in the UK are keeping payments from drug and medical companies a secret, says researchers from Oxford University. Here is the league table to check your local hospital.

University students film a documentary for Sling The Mesh

Centre for Evidence Based Medicine A catalogue of bias is needed for medicines and devices

Podcast by investigative journalist Jeanne Lenzer Three quarters of devices on the market in America have been cleared by the 510K substantial equivalence route, so have not been proved to be safe.

Newcastle Herald The Australian Senate Inquiry is a wake up call to the medical profession that some surgeons and GPs have a real problem with women,

Stuff magazine – New Zealand campaigners are disappointed in the Government’s so called restrictions on surgical mesh. Stopped are vaginal prolapse mesh, mini slings and products by J&J as information for use leaflets by them have not been updated. Instead abdominal prolapse mesh and some incontinence slings can still be used.

Canadian CTV show W5 updates its mesh documentary with views from around the world. Also updated interviews of the different opinions on mesh.

National Law Journal J&J hit with $35million lawsuit for its Prolift prolapse mesh.

Cambs Times Spanish doctor, Juan Gervas, says women are used as cannon fodder in the mesh implant disaster.

Bournemouth Echo Solicitor says mesh operations should be banned because it is like plastic shrapnel

MedTalk podcast discusses vaginal mesh issue from 4.0 onwards.The Yellow card is discussed and with clinical data.

New Zealand stops  all J&J mesh products but the Boston Scientific equivalent of TVT and the TVTO, used to fix incontinence, can still be used HOWEVER look at the Boston field safety notice which they issued in 2016. The notice admits their products have serious, life altering and life changing complications. Boston Scientific – 06 June 2016 – FIELD SAFETY NOTICE OF RISKS

Health and Social Care Question from Jeremy Lefroy to Jackie Doyle Price on February 26, 2018. Hansard copy. JDP says: “The view of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is that surgical mesh devices are acceptably safe when used as intended and as part of an appropriate treatment pathway where the associated risk and benefits are considered, and where surgical mesh devices conform to the requirements of the current legislation in the European Union.” So they are now ignoring the ban on certain mesh products in New Zealand and Australia under the guise of the European Union – that they are talking of leaving!

Hansard February 21, 2018. Jeremy Hunt’s announcement about the mesh, valproate and primodos review

Public Affairs News Jeremy Hunt gets blasted by lobbying transparency campaigners

Fierce Biotech cover the Government review The truth is that we have a system that has not treated patients’ concerns with the seriousness that it should have done,” the health secretary said during a parliamentary debate.

Entertainment Gazette We need to do better says Theresa May on mesh, Primodos and Valproate

Guardian A nine month review ordered into three women’s health disasters. Jeremy Hunt he admits the government has failed to respond adequately to a series of public health scandals.

BBC A review is ordered into Primodos, Vaginal mesh and valproate

Medical Plastics News As Jeremy Hunt announces a Government review into mesh, women say all patients who have had a mesh implant are ticking time bombs. Mesh can shrink years down the line, cutting into tissues, nerves and organs.

Independent Government announces review into three women’s health disasters

Cambs Times Review announced by Government into three women’s health disasters: Primodos, valproate and vaginal / pelvic mesh

Daily Mail Government order a review into scandal hit vaginal mesh implants, Primodos and valproate

Daily Mail Campaigners slam new material set to replace polypropylene for pelvic mesh implants. It is still plastic, it has only been tested in chicken embryos and it will add oestrogen a  carcinogenic. Following the PIP breast implant scandal researchers said polyeurethane should not be used in the body. The Sheffield research says it will add oestrogen yet research says this increases risk of cancer.

Shefield University Magazine covers the “new mesh” story about researchers from Sheffield inventing a new mesh using polyeurethane instead of polypropylene.

University of Shefield blog The old mesh is “frankly unacceptable” so they have designed a new mesh spinning polyeurethane plastic with human tissue and tested it on a few chickens. Women deserve to be treated better

Australian Guardian vaginal mesh complications are too severe to inflict on women says doctor in the senate inquiry hearing.

New Zealand Mesh campaigners update on the state of play for them and globally. New Zealand c

Harwich and Manningtree Observer covers the House of Lords Sling The Mesh suffragette rally

Cambs Times Surgeons claim only prolapse mesh causes problems. That is like saying only red cars have accidents. Incontinence mesh has the same serious complications

Nuffield Department of Health report on how inadequate medical regulations have failed patients

PA Kath Sansom is named as one of six top campaigning women of the 21st century

100 years of votes for women and still they don't hear our voices.
100 years of votes for women and still they don’t hear our voices.

Sunday Post Women should not be stuck in a postcode lottery with the care they receive for mesh complications.

Cambs Times You can’t make an omelette without braking a few eggs, says surgeon, who thinks the mesh implant crisis is only a minority suffering and is fuelled by the media. She criticises the Daily Mail and says women see themselves as victims..

The Independent A win for campaigners as the Government announce an audit of vaginal mesh

Daily Mail Mesh opened me up to a whole new world of pain I didn’t know even existed says Amy Whittaker

Daily Mail Government audit into the scale of the vaginal mesh disaster

I newspaper Thousands of women been harmed by vaginal mesh. Audit to unravel the true number suffering.

Cambs Times Government agree to carry out an audit into mesh risks

Guardian An Australian gynaecologist says the risk of vaginal mesh are so severe he can not inflict them on his patients.

Sky Thousands of women have been affected but nobody knows the true scale of the mesh disaster. The Government say they are now going to carry out an audit to find out

BBC Government agree to look into the  scale of harm of mesh implants.

Australian Guardian Johnson and Johnson will no longer import its pelvic mesh to hospitals in Australia

The Daily Echo Southampton women tell their stories of how they went frm fit and healthy to constant pain. One, whose hobby was martial arts,  is now in a mobility scooter or uses walking aids and she barely goes out or speaks to anybody, instead living a life of constant pain.

Medical Plastic News magazine Survey shows the devastation when women have mesh implant complications. A third give up work and one in five reduce their hours. Many suffer depression

Square Magazine covers the mesh implant scandal to raise awareness among the Polish community.

Cambs Times taboo-busting. Student journalist Kelsey Dring gives an easy to read guide to the vaginal mesh implant scandal

Cambs Times Mum of two blows whistle to prove that surgeons are not giving fully informed consent. Surgeons are telling patients they don’t use the mesh in the media, they use tape or are saying it is only the American mesh causing issues.

Australian Herald Senator Derryn Hinch’s grim warning that a woman who committed suicide over pelvic mesh pain is just the one we know about. “There will be many more.”

LucyLoves blogs about surgical mesh and tells the story of her mum who suffered for 13 years thinking she was a mystery patient – until she read media coverage in 2017 and realised it was her mesh sling tape causing all her pain and problems

Lucy Loves blogs about her mum's journey suffering from a mesh implant
Lucy Loves blogs about her mum’s journey suffering from a mesh implant

The Independent picks its inspiring female groundbreakers of 2017. Kath Sansom of Sling The Mesh is among them. “Sansom has  used social media to act as a touchstone of comfort and advice for all the new “meshies”, as the community calls themselves.”

Cambs Times Damning You Tube video shows a surgeon conference where they admit many consultants don’t report mesh problems, so no wonder figures are low and do not represent the true scale of suffering. It comes amid a Sling The Mesh survey of 570 women – which can be found within this story and in the research section of this website.

Newcastle Chronicle Gran tells how mesh implant ruined her life. It sliced into her bowel and she had to have her rectum removed. She is now in chronic pain and has a permanent stoma.

ITV Doctors told to not use vaginal prolapse mesh. Campaigners say physiotherapy can ease things for 80% of women and for others a traditional natural tissue repair should be offered.

Daily Mail Angry campaigners blast NICE guidelines which do not go far enough in protecting patient safety for women

Metro Watchdog warns of serious concerns with vaginal mesh products.

Sky News NICE has given a back door ban to vaginal prolapse mesh but campaigners say it is not enough. They need to also halt mesh operations to treat incontinence – a Sling The Mesh survey shows a third of women suffering have had prolapse mesh while 2/3 had the incontinence mesh tape slings.

The Independent NICE says vaginal prolapse mesh should not be used and other mesh should only be used in special implanting centres.

RCOG Linda Cardozo has six industry conflicts.

New Zealand Medical Journal Surgeon Robert Bendavid said he doubts anybody will win a prize for introudcing polypropylene mesh for pelvic and hernia repairs

BMJ The failings in regulation of vaginal mesh and how to avoid future harm.

News Now New Zealand Campaigner Carmel Berry says the announcement  to ban all pelvic mesh came out of the blue

The Independent reports on New Zealand’s pelvic mesh ban due to come into force in January 2018.

Sky New Zealand is first country in world to ban all pelvic mesh

Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk New Zealand bans all pelvic mesh.

Daily Mail Mesh only tested in 31 women and a few sheep before being implanted into women.

BBC For some women the pain is so bad they don’t know if they can take it for another day.

The Guardian Doctors are not warned of the risks of vaginal mesh implants

Panorama: The Operation That Ruined My Life

The Independent Women are not told of the risks of mesh implants, while behind the scenes are a series of conflicts of interest, improper trialling and a weak regulatory system.

Cambs Times One type of mesh was tested in just 31 women and a few sheep before it was launched. Surgeons patronise women who present in pain and belittle them when they ask for help.

The Evan Solomon Show in Canada.  Kath Sansom is interviewed on the global mesh scandal following the death of Chrissy Braijcic.

See the industry links for surgeon Linda Cardozo who spoke on the BBC to say incontinence mesh risks are not as bad as prolapse and said women were getting confused. Carl Heneghan said: “They (surgeons) are  using the same evidence with the same quality issues that underpinned mesh in prolapse to  say everything is alright with SUI.  It is the same issues: lack of Equivalence,  trials done by manufacturers, lack of long term evidence and the losses to follow up are high.”

Sky News.” A spokesman for the MHRA said “There was no evidence from a regulatory point of view that mesh devices were inherently unsafe.” that is because they do not regulate medical devices properly! They rely on a 2012 study that uses short term trials, misses out risk of loss of sex life and have a Yellow Card system that nobody has heard of for patients to report problems to. They also take not of data from BSUG but less than 40% of surgeons report to it SO NO WONDER STATS ARE LOW

The Independent The emerging scandal that shows mesh is the new thalidomide. Professor Carl Heneghan warns that in Europe medical devices can be approved on equivalence grounds, with approval granted by centres across the European Union. But, unlike American applications, EU approvals are not public, making them “impossible to scrutinise”.

iNews Britain needs to move to a system that is more transparent and puts patient safety first and profits on the back seat. Prof Carl Heneghan said : “Yes, this might mean some devices might not get onto the market, some people may have to wait for innovations, some companies may lose market share. We could, and should though, lead the way by having regulatory systems that incentivise the production of high-quality evidence at the time of approval for implantable devices – those deemed to be the riskiest.”

Read more at:

Daily Mail Regulation of medical devices in the UK is shameful. John Sharman speaks out as a husband of a woman injured by mesh implants to say how it affects a couple.

The Guardian Women have been exposed to uneccessary harm from vaginal meshes because of loopholes in regulation.

Hull Daily Mail Angie used to be a karate loving busy working mum. Now she has had to give up work and lives in daily pain on a cocktail of pain medication – all because she had an embarrassing problem after having babies.

Sky News reports on the death of Chrissy Brajcic. Her husband Tony said: “It’s clear by all of your messages that Chrissy was truly a special woman and touched the lives of many people.”

Marie Claire magazine report on Chrissy’s death – she died of sepsis four years after a TVT to fix mild stress incontinence and just days after her final Facebook video to raise awareness of the risk of mesh implants.

Vice magazine  report that Chrissy had a near death experience which strengthened her resolve to fight for awareness of surgical mesh. She died just a few weeks later from sepsis caused by her vaginal mesh implant.

The Independent Opinion Page Mesh is a sexism issue.  “Chrissy’s death was so completely and utterly avoidable. But the male reluctance to acknowledge a women’s pain and to misattribute female health issues is as ancient as medicine itself.”

The Pool “To be on your deathbed at 42 is not right. We are all fighting. It is terrifying.”

The Mirror Chrissie said she would never stop fighting. Tragically a TVT implant to fix mild incontinence took her life

The Independent Chrissy must not die in vain. She developed recurrent UTIs which are treated with antibiotics – but eventually she became resistant to the medication. Tragically, she contracted sepsis and died. Her problem probably could have been fixed with good pelvic floor physiotherapy.

Collective Evolution shows women how to help fix problems after childbirth naturally without choosing mesh and talks of the TGA ruling in Australia n one type of prolapse mesh and the mini sling for incontinence

Daily Mail Prominent mesh campaigner Chrissy Brajcic dies of sepsis after a TVT mesh implant

Wales Online Mum of three who had TVT mesh implant is in excrutiating daily pain and struggles to walk

Wisbech Standard These are brave women in campaign groups  fighting this globally. Strathclyde University student writes on the vaginal mesh implant scandal

Australian Health Consumers Magazine ask who will take responsibility for the vaginal mesh disaster. It focuses on the poor regulatory systems worldwide  which means medical devices get little checks before being released for patient use.

Cambs Times the NHS should be ashamed of itself say campaigners as Australia bans two types of mesh used in hospitals across Britain.

Sky News The TGA in Australia ban one type of prolapse mesh and single incision mini slings to fix incontinence.

International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics NICE to ban one type of prolapse mesh

ITV Regional Surgeons need to go back to the future and re learn natural tissue fixes for incontinence and prolapse

Medical Plastics News NICE to recommend a ban on controversial vaginal prolapse mesh. Jackie Doyle Price said there is no need for a public inquiry.

NW Mail MP Emma Hardy says the Government must suspend vaginal mesh operations while a retrospective audit is carried out.

London Standard Routine vaginal prolapse mesh operations should be stopped says NICE

The Irish Sun Women say it is an important first step. Vaginally placed prolapse mesh is to be banned by NICE.

The Sun campaigners have been fighting for 10 years but nobody took any notice of them. Finally the truth is coming out

Daily Mail NICE recommends ban on vaginally placed prolapse mesh. Drs tried to make us feel we were making a fuss over nothing.

The Guardian NICE must bring forward its guidelines into mesh to treat all incontinence and prolapse procedures. They are due out 2019 – over a year away – which campaigners say is too long a wait. It needs to be expedited.

BBC report on the NICE vaginal prolapse mesh ban. Professor Carl Heneghan says: “Seven years I have been watching this emerge – it is absolutely farcical how bad it is. Either they’re burying their heads in the sand or they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Cambs Times NICE set to ban vaginal mesh for prolapse. Risk are serious and are common, says Sling The Mesh

ITV Mesh implants need to be suspended while a retrospective audit is carried out.

Cambs Times Westminster think tank says surgical mesh is a global growing problem but women are still not taken seriously.

Parliament TV MP Emma Hardy talks of how mesh implants were ruthlessly marketed as a quick cheap fix but 10% of women are suffering complications. She said women cost the NHS a fortune and the refusal to commission a retrospective audit is short sighted. The level of risks are unknown adding astronoimnomical cost to the public services..

Hold The Front page reports on how Sling The Mesh becomes a hot topic for its virtual rally to 10 Downing Street..

Cambs Times Sling the Mesh goes global when it trends on Twitter with 5,300 Tweets in an hour.

Cambs Times Sling The Mesh holds a virtual rally to Number 10 ahead of the Parliamentary APPG Mesh meeting.

Cambs Times Women count the cost of mesh. It costs the NHS a fortune in prescriptions alone . Long term health care utilisation costs increase but nobody notices in the NHS because it is such a fragmented institution with everybody working in their own little boxes

The Herald Surgeon Society failed to declare industry pay outs during Australia’s senate inquiry into the mesh scandal – it is just the tip of the iceberg of the financial major conflicts of interest in how pelvic mesh rose to prominence and the clinical community believed it was the gold standard. Aggressive marketing. Money talks..

Mostyn News Mesh was approved on the back of the grandmother sling called Protogen made by Boston Scientific – it was recalled within 3 years because of problems or erosion, dyspareunia and pain.

Daily Mail Women deserve an apoloy says Tory MP over the vaginal mesh implant controversy.

Daily Mail Woman wins the go ahead for a High Court claim after a vaginal mesh implant left her with devastating injuries.

BMJ Minister blames doctors for adverse reactions to vaginal mesh – and she misleads women in saying NICE guidelines will be out 18 months earlier – they will not. They are still scheduled to be published by 2019.

Daily Telegraph Why the vaginal mesh scandal could be bigger than Thalidomide.

Deeside News Mark Tami and Carl Sargent are disappointed in the Government’s failure to suspend vaginal mesh.

Guardian Health minister rejects call fro suspension of vaginal mesh implants.

Independent Government refuse to suspend controversial vaginal mesh implants.

Belfast Telegraph Women travel from Northern Ireland for Parliamentary debate into mesh implants.

Evening Standard Helen breaks down as she tells how a mesh implant has left her a wreck and put her 44 year marriage under pressure

The Sun Labour calls for Public Inquiry and mesh suspension

Plymouth Herald Woman speaks anonymously to tell how the surgical implants have ruined her life. Campaigners cal for urgent suspension.

Sky News Personal journey that brought journalist Kath Sansom to set up Sling The Mesh. “We keep telling our stories so people get it. Just like Sir Harry Evans, editor of the Sunday Times, did in the 60s and 70s over the Thalidomide scandal.”

Owen Smith blog Parliamentary debate into mesh implants 18/10/17

Guardian Jon Ashworth says thousands of women have been exposed to unacceptable risks from vaginal mesh.

BBC Government reject calls for suspension of vaginal mesh implants.

Hansard report of MP Emma Hardy’s debate in Westminster 18/10/17

Cambs Times takes its campaign to Parliament – and it has been backed by the Labour Party who are calling for a Public Inquiry and a suspension.

The Sun When mesh goes wrong it impacts the whole family. Women suffering 24/7 pain, anxiety and depression.

Cambs Times If a car had this many faults it would be recalled. Profesor tells how mesh is the third medical device disaster in the last 10 years after metal hips and PIP breast implants.

Daily Mail Labour MPs to call for a public inquiry into mesh implants.

The Guardian  MP Emma Hardy secures a debate in Parliament on the growing mesh controversy.

Medium magazine.Hooman Noorchashm says evidence based medicine has become a glitzy marketing tool for corporate manufacturers to hide behind – they provide trials and studies – but they are often flawed, with low numbers, short term audit, authors with industry conflicts and comparing eg mesh to mesh as oppose to mesh vs natural tissue repair.
Corporations insist that “evidence-based” practices are “gold standards” .
Once that is in place it becomes a powerful legal shield, impenetrable by the ethics argument — or even by the heart-wrenching personal narratives of morbidity or mortality from individual patients and their loved ones.

BMJ Surgeons don’t report problems with medical devices because they don’t see the point. Which, of course is a patient safety disaster. Without audit how can Governments and regulatory authorities know how a device is performing?

Arentz Law Journal J&J marketed TVT Secur for five years without any trials. The case of Ella Ebaugh reveals the inner workings of J&J’s “family company”.

The Journal Southern Ireland Around 25 women have contacted a law firm as the mesh controversy builds in Eire. Even after “fairly gruesome” mesh removal women have to learn to live a new normal. Forever.

Mesh Medical Device News In both UK and USA new devices can be approved for use straight away in a patient without any trials simply based on the fact it is substantially equivalent to something already being implanted. Worryingly, in America, the watchdog body, the FDA, is trying to find a way to make this process even eaiser

Cambs Times 1 in 10 women have to go to hospital for mesh complications. Figure of suffering will be much higher as this doesn’t include women going back ad forth to GPs or women treated in private hospitals.

CTV A Canadian documentary asking how safe are mesh implants? Sling The Mesh and Owen Smith feature from 12.0. A shortened You Tube piece is here

Sunday Post In America a woman wins a $42m pay out but in Scotland the Government spend just £4,500 on a mesh review that doesn’t even look at mesh safety. It only looks at patient information leaflets, what to do if a women has mesh complications and how to encourage surgeons to report mesh problems.

The Guardian Mesh takes women’s body shaming to a whole new level. Women already embarrassing to be suffering incontinence or prolapse are then yet further embarrassed suffering mesh problems and are humiliated into silence, many for years

Sky News This is worst medical disaster of our life time. A rapid rise that was unjustified in terms of evidence. Waves of people were convinced this was a minimally invasive  procedure. It is not properly tested before being inserted into patients. Average gap of five years before trials are carried out. Problems were noticed 20 years ago.

Guardian Johnson and Johnson’s “irresponsible” action over vaginal mesh – TVT Secur marketed for five years without trials. J&J knew it had  higher failure rate than its other incontinence meshes.

BBC The world watched Scotland hoping it would take a lead on looking into mesh safety – yet all women got was a whitewash report

Health Issues Centre  The submission to the Australian senate inquiry found that

  • 9% of women said that the procedure did not resolve their original issue
  • 41% of women felt that were not fully informed before the procedure
  • 73% of women continued to have issues with incontinence
  • 58% of women had pain during intercourse
  • 26% of women had personal relationships break down

Sunday Post Plea for a global summit on the growing mesh scandal from former health secretary Alex Neill

The Conversation Tom Joyce of Newcastle University explains how medical device regulation fails patient safety. Devices are passed on “substantial equivalence” yet many are not substantially equivalent at all.

Cambs Times 1 in 3  develop fibromyalgia after a mesh implant, patient support group warns.

Dorset Echo Janie Jarman was told she was the only mesh patient suffering – until she found Sling the Mesh with almost 3,000 in our group.

Bournemouth Echo Mum of two opens her heart about her daily battle with barbaric pain that is so bad she has contemplated suicide. The MHRA still say the benefits outeweigh the risks.

Cambs Times Before the advent of mesh kits, there was little commercial interest in gynaecology surgery aside from the sale of sutures or catheters, but now there are operation-specific kits, huge profits are on the table. Almost everything you need to operate – except good clinical judgment and technical skill – is right there, fresh out of the box.”

London Evening Standard Women left in agony from vaginal mesh implants – even after they’re removed

Elle Magazine Louise Donovan looks at what is a vaginal mesh implant and why is it causing so many health problems for women.

Daily Mail One in 10 women contact our Group Action lawyers daily.

Huffington Post 1 in 15 women need their  vaginal mesh device removing owing to chronic pain or sexual problems. However Dr Ismail, a consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician said: “If they are happy and are continent and are able to control urination, they’ve had a successful operation and that is fantastic news – 90% of people are like that.” So let us ask – what about the 10% of women with problems. In addition all he is talking about is effective treatment option – yes mesh often works – but leaves behind a trail of disaster much bigger than the urine leaking or prolapse problem.

Medical Plastics News 1 in 15 women have vaginal devices removed

The Pool Women’s lost sex lives are treated as some sort of joke in a misogynistic approach to a female’s well being.

Daily Mail French gynaecologist says he wold not let his wife have a vaginal mesh implant

The Guardian Opinion , an NHS review last month acknowledged that some women have suffered severe and life-altering complications, and called for patients to be fully informed of the benefits and risks of mesh. But it concludes that the use of the implants is safe. This would be more convincing if it did not also call for more data – apparently oblivious to the evidence in its own records. The unearthed figures tell a more complex story, and so do the patients. Risk is 1 in 15 need mesh removal.

The Sun Lisa was told mesh implants to fix incontinence and prolapse would make her a new woman. They did. She lost her job, her home, her partner and spent 18 months in a wheelchair.

Daily Mail Janette is pushed to the brink of suicide because of the excrutiating pain of a mesh implant. Her children help dress her and catheterise her so she can go to the toilet.

Buzzfeed Vaginal mesh is the biggest women’s health crisis of our generation.

The Guardian Carolyn was a chef in a relationship and life was good. Then she had a vaginal mesh implant and it stripped her of all quality of life. Owen Smith is her MP who now leads a vaginal mesh debate in Parliament.

ABC News Australian court uncovers emails that show a surgeon discussion thread saying if women lose their sex life from vaginal mesh implants they can just do anal or oral instead.

Daily Mail Doctors get benefits for pushing vaginal mesh implants.

The Guardian Figures show 1 in 15 women need a removal of their mesh implant after women suffer crippling pain and complications.

ABC News Australia Degrading emails show surgeons saying if a woman loses her sex life from a mesh implant then she can just do anal or oral instead. Disgraceful misogyny.

Daily Mail Watching my first mesh implant operation was like seeing a slow motion car crash in the pelvis.

Net Doctor Vaginal mesh implants are leaving women psychologically and phsyically scarred.

Daily Mail Damning studies that show vaginal mesh risks are as high as 42% are ignored by NHS

The Independent Why men should be worried about the vaginal mesh implant scandal.

Daily Mail The day before a vaginal mesh implant Julie ran 5K now she struggles to walk far and is in constant pain. The Daily Mail launch their campaign to support Sling The Mesh.

BBC Wales Woman left in wheelchair after vaginal mesh implant

BBC N Ireland GPs are issued with information on what to do if a woman presents with mesh implant pain and complications.

BBC Wales Vaginal mesh implant ruined my life and should be banned says Welsh mum

The BMJ Patients cry whitewash as NHS refuses to halt mesh implants

The Independent Harriet Marsden reports that many women suffer in silence and how loss of sex life for a woman is not taken seriously yet the consequences are great

Medical Plastic News MP Owen Smith said: ” This was an opportunity for the NHS to take a lead and recommend a pause in the use of mesh until we know precisely how many women have been adversely affected by the product. Instead, they appear content to allow mesh to be widely used despite growing, international concerns about its potential ill effects.”

Daily Mail Women furious at NHS England mesh report that ignored patients and didn’t look at the safety of mesh itself.

American site Mesh Medical Device News NHS England mesh report is a whitewash

The Guardian Doctor calls for public inquiry into the mesh.scandal as MP Owen Smith pledges a full debate and launches an All Party Parliamentary Group into mesh implants.

Daily Mail Cat went from healthy and vibrant university lecturer to disabled in a mobility scooter. How can they say the benefits outweigh the risks of this so called simple operation?

Sky reports on the group action launched by women suffering from mesh implants.

Daily Mail Senior doctors cal for public inquiry into mesh implants saying it is as bad as the thalidomide scandal – except with mesh injured women you cannot see their chronic pain.

The Mirror Women left unable to have sex, suffering pain that never goes away and mentally traumatised from being maimed for life from a simple operation that was supposed to quickly fix an embarrassing women’s health issue.

Cambs Times Standing room only. Families weep as they hear women’s stories of suffering in a highly charged meeting at Parliament.

Sling The Mesh goes to Parliament.
Sling The Mesh goes to Parliament.

A doctor calls for a public inquiry,  an all party group into mesh is launched and a full debate is promised in a day that heard about black holes in gathering data on the level of risk of mesh implants.

Med Tech Innovation News reports on the mesh implant scandal

Sling The Mesh goes to Westminster
Sling The Mesh goes to Westminster

St Albans Review Mum tells  how mesh implants gave her chronic pain and she went from healthy fit yoga teacher to agony overnight.

Mesh Medical Device Newsdesk in America reports on the parliamentary lobby. Former Fox News journalist Jane Akre asks – why does mainstream American media not cover the mesh issue?

The Pool “There are so many question marks hovering over the use of transvaginal mesh tape – and so many women’s voices saying they are suffering.

The Pool reports on the mesh implant scandal.
The Pool reports on the mesh implant scandal.

“It feels odd that there is such a stubborn reluctance to address it.”

Zoe Beaty

Good Morning Ulster MP Owen Smith calls for suspension of women’s mesh. Listen at 2:16.

“It’s a scandal and one that’s under- reported and misunderstood. There are women all over the world who have had this treatment for prolapse and incontinence and a v high proportion, much higher than we appreciated, certainly much higher than the MHRA appreciated, have had really, really awful reactions and whose lives have been ruined.

MP Owen Smith talks on Good Morning Ulster
MP Owen Smith talks on Good Morning Ulster

“In Scotland they suspended using this material, vaginal mesh, until they’ve sorted it out. In NI now we have an audit. In England we’re still waiting after what seems to me to be a ridiculous amount of time, more than 2 yrs for a report to come out.

“There needs to be suspension of the use of this material, these operations. There are other things that can be done – until we get greater clarity of what proportions of how many women have had these awful reactions, and whether its safe to use.”

ITV Anglia News Woman loses job, marriage, home – all because of a simple 20 minute operation.

Daily Mail One in ten people will develop a hernia in their lifetime. Mesh may not be the super fix it is cracked up to be.

Victoria Derbyshire Show. “Risk of a poor outcome are so bad that I wouldn’t want to take that risk.” Peter Jones, retired surgeon.

Hernia mesh is causing patients chronic pain, BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire Show.
Hernia mesh is causing patients chronic pain, BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire Show

BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire Show covers hernia mesh and how it can cause crippling pain for patients.

“It is like there is something inside me scratching at me from the insides. It’s so unpleasant and constant.”

Cambs Times The rise in mesh slings mean that traditional skills to fix incontinence and prolapse are being lost.

Mesh implants are over used which means the skills to perform a traditional surgical fix are being lost.
Mesh implants are over used which means the skills to perform a traditional surgical fix are being lost.

There is a growing tide of concern that the implants have been aggressively marketed in the last 20 years which has left new surgeons not getting enough experience of alternative operations.

In the UK, a study carried out in three centres – Leicester, Newcastle and Galway in Ireland – said many surgeons choose mesh as they don’t have the skills to do anything else.

Cambs Times.

Lisa Woodrow uses a stick to help her walk and on long distances needs a wheelchair following surgery using a mesh
Lisa Woodrow uses a stick to help her walk and on long distances needs a wheelchair following surgery using a mesh implant

Mesh implants are the biggest global health disaster of our time. Women in support groups around the world are putting mounting pressure on politicians to ban the so called gold standard fix for prolapse and incontinence.

Find out which doctors have conflicts of interests here 

Cambs Times. Some mesh problems don’t show up until seven years later according to a survey by Sling The Mesh.

The BBC reports Scottish Parliament, where health secretary Shona Robison asks an expert to independently examine the independent  review into the safety of mesh implants. Alison Britten, a professor of healthcare and medical law, will examine the final report and the process by which the report came to its conclusions. May 18, 2017.

Watch the Parliamentary video here where Scottish Chief Medical Officer Catherine Calderwood says out of date patient information leaflets don’t matter, after all, there are out of date OK magazines in waiting rooms too…

The New Statesman. Women with mesh implants have been suffering for years. And it’s not the only time they have been ignored when it comes to healthcare.

The Guardian opinion. It is clear to see that vaginal mesh implants are a cost cutting exercise in women’s health.

The Guardian NHS bosses and the watchdog that oversees medical devices, tried to limit public exposure of the scandal over vaginal mesh implants, that have harmed hundreds of women.

Daily Mail NHS try to dodge media attention over agonising vaginal mesh implants.

The Mirror Medical device regulator tries to avoid media attention on mesh implants.

Academic journal, The Conversation, says Pelvic floor training in pregnancy could help prevent the need for ‘barbaric’ vaginal mesh surgery

Jersey Evening Post NHS and medical device regulator try to keep the spotlight off the mesh implant scandal.

The Victoria Derbyshire Show breaks the media taboo on vaginal mesh implants.
The Victoria Derbyshire Show breaks the media taboo on vaginal mesh implants.

The Victoria Derbyshire Show – link to the entire show. The programme  broke the media taboo on covering this serious women’s health issue.

The Victoria Derbyshire Show. Kath Sansom takes on Mark Slack of Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge who insists mesh is safe and he would implant it in his wife.

With Victoria Derbyshire after her show.
With Victoria Derbyshire after her show.

Victoria Derbyshire Show the 10am to 11am slot.

BBC investigates the mesh implant scandal. Hundreds to sue over mesh implants.

The Victoria Derbyshire Show film clip shown during the programme which exposes the mesh implant scandal that man women have suffered in silence for years.

Sky News reports that there is a growing calls for a controversial medical procedure used to help cure stress incontinence and prolapse in women to be suspended as medical professionals describe it as the biggest health scandal of our time. Campaigners say there’s been a cover-up by the UK regulatory body, the MHRA, which they say has attempted to divert attention away from recording adverse incidents.

The Telegraph look at the problem with mesh implants. “It felt like broken glass  inside me.”

The Times covers the mesh implant scandal

The Times looks at mesh implants and how it has left some women unable to walk or have sex.

The Guardian reports that some women were left in so much pain they considered suicide.

The Independent reports how mesh has left women in severe pain and some permanently disabled.

The Metro report that one in 11 women have problems with mesh implants.

Daily Mail reports how a young mum’s husband has become her carer after a mesh implant.

The Mirror tells how professor Carl Heneghan says mesh implants should be stopped until they have proper evidence to prove they are safe.

The Sun reports on “dodgy skin slicing” mesh implants. Good old Sun. Because actually, they hit the nail right on the head.

Wales Online Pontypridd MP Owen Smith has called for an investigation into the use of the implant. He told the BBC: “I think there is a really good case for saying ‘suspend its usage’ until there is clarity about the scale of the problems we’re facing.”

Express and Star tell of more than 1,000 complaints about mesh implants.

Cambs Times – A women’s operation using mesh implants is up to nine times riskier than warned about in patient safety leaflets in hospitals across England, according to new figures.

American Lawyer Papantonio says big corporations are willing to trade your quality of life in return for big profits.

Medical device giants knew the risks but marketed polypropylene plastic mesh anyway.

Scottish mesh campaigners feel betrayed by an “independent” review, that took almost three years to compile. They say a vital chapter of evidence was removed about risks of this day case surgery. A clinician, who resigned over the whitewash, said the chapter included a table giving the true risk of mesh implants.

The true scale of the mesh implant disaster is not known amid figures that say the trocar hooks used to implant it can injure up to 40% of women

Surgical mesh for women’s incontinence and prolapse and hernia is set to be re-classified as a high risk device across Europe 

Ask for traditional repair as it will not have the high risks of mesh implants, says study out this week.

Physiotherapy can fix up to 80% of women who suffer incontinence or prolapse.

Mesh implants are a bigger scandal than thalidomide says Australian senator Derryn Hinch.. 

Mesh slings are a tragedy created by greed according to Mark Slack of Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

No large scale, long term human trials into surgical mesh. many studies are on animals who cannot speak of the pain or loss of sex life.

Mesh mini slings can cause serious complications and research into them is disappointing to say the least.

Women being harmed by mesh slings – made by the same company that made the metal on metal hips – Johnson and Johnson.

Leading Italian surgeon says mesh has high rate of complications.

Disabled woman told her mesh implant pain will fix with counselling.

Women’s support groups are praised by a UK surgeon for highlighting the dangers of mesh implants. He says numbers suffering are under reported.

MP Owen Smith says mesh implants are the worst medical disaster he has seen in his time in politics.

Sling The Mesh in Parliament.

Taboo busting – talking openly about incontinence.

NHS admits it has not always given best care with mesh slings.

Women suffering crippling lifelong pain after a simple day case operation.

Surgical mesh can degrade inside the body.

Women’s operation is a ticking time bomb.

MP Cautiously optimistic about future of mesh implants

Worrying lack of surgeons to remove mesh when it goes wrong.

Leaked documents show women in a mesh trial are not monitored properly 

Cochrane Review into mesh has used reports with risk of bias.

The first week of Sling The Mesh.

Sling The Mesh launch.

MP Steve Barclay on mesh.

Netherlands study say 40% women suffer erosion after TVT operation.

Postcode lottery on patient information leaflets.

MHRA urges women to report mesh complications to Yellow Card system.

First do no harm. Surgeon Christine Landon discusses the risk of mesh surgery for incontinence or prolapse.

The Times. Fruit netting nearly passed as a mesh sling to probe how lax regulation system is.